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Why You Should Choose A New Home With Fitted Furniture

8 August 2022

One of the most common reasons for moving house given by those in the process of finding a new home is that they need more space.

We all accumulate more as we go through life. We may decide to live with a partner, have a family, or get a pet, and our requirement for space grows.

But unless we win the lottery we can’t keep upsizing forever. There are solutions to creating space in your home that don’t involve solicitors fees and removal vans every couple of years.

The amount of storage available in a house should be a huge consideration when you’re choosing somewhere to live. It may seem minor in comparison to the direction the garden faces or proximity to a pub, but believe us, being cluttered and disorganised can really take its toll on family life after a while.

At Lindum Homes, we include fitted bedroom furniture in our 3, 4 and 5 bedroom new builds. Installed by Lincolnshire business Robes and Rails, these exceptionally high-quality wardrobes not only look stylish, but also utilise space very efficiently, with their sliding doors creating more space in the room than their traditional alternatives.

Robes & Rails Wardrobe

Here are a few reasons from Robes and Rails explaining why we’re right to offer fitted furniture in our new homes across the county:

More Storage Space 

Storage is a necessity so it makes sense to maximise space in your home as much as possible. Fitted bedroom furniture can help you to do this since it can fit the room exactly. Even rooms that have sloped ceilings or tight corners can accommodate this type of furniture. With fitted wardrobes, every inch of space is taken advantage of.

Bespoke Design

Fitted bedroom furniture can be custom made to suit the design of the house. This not only means that it can fit any size and shape of the room, whether it’s a standard square or a more unusual layout, but it can suit your lifestyle too. The interiors of your fitted wardrobes can include as many rails, shelves, racks and hooks as you need. This allows you to store all your clothes and accessories so that you can find them easily. 

We advise assessing your belongings so that you know exactly what your storage needs are. Do you have several suits that need to be hung up neatly? Or perhaps you’re a shoe aficionado who requires plenty of space for footwear? Items like cosmetics and jewellery can also be stored conveniently in small drawers built into the wardrobes.

Robes & Rails Wardrobe

A Great Investment 

Since space is much sought after in modern properties, many homebuyers will favour those homes with useful storage solutions like fitted wardrobes. They want to know that they can easily store all their clothes and accessories. Therefore, if you plan on selling up at any time in the future, it’s likely that many buyers will be prepared to pay a premium.

Unlimited Colour Choices

One of the benefits of having fitted bedroom furniture installed in your new home is the range of colours available. You can paint fitted wardrobes in many different colours, from subtle shades to more vibrant, eye-catching options. You may want them to match your existing décor so that they integrate perfectly into your bedroom. However, you can also get creative if you like, adding some fun and energy by using bright colours and patterns. Whatever your vision, you can expect fitted furniture to bring a wealth of style and elegance to your home.

Robes & Rails Wardrobe


Durable and Long-Lasting 

Fitted wardrobes are a great option if you’re looking for bedroom furniture that’s durable and long-lasting. Built to an exceptional standard from high-quality materials by experienced craftspeople, you can rest assured that they will continue adding functional style to your home for a long time to come. Unlike ‘off-the-shelf’ freestanding wardrobes that might start to look worse for wear after a few short years, fitted alternatives will take pride of place in your bedroom far into the future. You won’t need to waste money replacing them constantly.

Robes & Rails Wardrobe

We’re proud to offer great homes in great locations throughout Lincolnshire. With over 50 years of experience as one of Lincolnshire’s leading house builders, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll go the extra mile to find you your perfect home.

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