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Land & Planning

We have a continued programme of buying land in Lincolnshire

Why Lindum Homes?

We are a Lincolnshire housebuilder, with locally-based employees and sub-contractors with a proven track record of delivering quality homes within communities across the county.

Land to sell?
Lindum Staff Working on Site

What we do…

We thrive on working with local communities and key stakeholders to deliver inclusive and sustainable developments for both current and future generations.

This is achieved through the delivery of a variety of housing, of mixed tenures, to meet the needs of the market, as well as incorporating sustainability as part of the fabric of the build and through the incorporation of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDs) features. Through our housing developments in the past 5 years, we have contributed nearly 100 dwellings as affordable housing which has been prioritised for local people and contributed around £500,000 to the communities within which we build.

This is through planning obligations to ensure our new residents do not place an undue burden on existing amenities and facilities. This money has been used to improve local schools, local health centres and local open space provision in the vicinity of our developments.

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How we do it…

By engaging with local planning authorities, local highway authorities and other statutory bodies, as well as local town/parish councils and local residents throughout the development process. We also carry out detailed technical due diligence and market analysis to ensure all of our developments minimise environmental impacts and maximise value for all stakeholders.

The Paddocks Navenby Drone Phase 1

Land Acquisitions

We adopt an open and transparent partnership approach with landowners bringing the right development, to the right place at the right time. This can be done utilising a variety of agreements, including Option Agreements, Promotion Agreements and Hybrid Agreements. As part of such agreements, we invest time and the costs associated with the promotion of the site through the planning process and then, when approved, purchase the land at a discount to the open market value. We also consider the more conventional approach, where we progress a freehold purchase and buy the land outright.

“As a local housebuilder who prides itself upon its reputation, it is very important to us here at Lindum Homes to build relationships in the communities within which we build. We have found that working positively with local landowners, local parish and district councils and local residents leads to the best outcomes. ”
- Mark Foster, Director - Land & Planning

Land to sell?

If you own a piece of land or property which you consider may be suitable for residual development, and you would like to discuss potential opportunities we are interested in hearing from you.

Our office is open 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday 01522 852452

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