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Top 5 Ways To Make Your New Build Cosy This Season

1 November 2022

Bonfire night, Halloween, and Harvest Festivals. Dark nights and early mornings navigated only by the moon’s glow. There is something about autumn that lulls us into a content, calm, and cosy state. For us, it most certainly is the season for nesting. 

Which is why autumn, with all its charm, makes for the perfect time to truly turn your house into a home. Especially if you’ve just unpacked your life into a new build over recent weeks. 

As the evenings rapidly close in, wrapping us up under a blanket that grows a little darker each day, there is plenty of opportunity to tweak and tease some autumnal inspiration into your Lindum home. And in a way that ignites all your senses too…


Lit candles

Such an underrated way to add interest and atmosphere – start with scent. An incredible versatile way to turn your home into an autumnal haven, opt for scents of ginger, cedarwood, pumpkin and cinnamon, for that authentic autumn vibe. If, like us, you love to err on the savoury side of candle scents rather than the sweeter side, look for candles or diffusers with sea salt, tobacco leaf and amber too. Candlelight creates the perfect cosy setting for relaxed evenings spent at home. Mix it up with tealights and pillar candles too – experimenting with candle height will just add more of that fascinating flicker of flame to your rooms.


Colour blocking bedroom

Spring may well be synonymous with cleaning, but autumn with its cues to hunker down and spend more time at home is also a season to deep clean and declutter. Before you even make any visual changes to your home for the cosy months ahead and dare we say, start thinking ahead towards Christmas and the additional chaos that can bring with it, now is the time to give the house a once over. From top to bottom have a spruce up, wipe away the cobwebs and give yourself a clean starting point. With a clear home comes a clear mind, giving you the room to mull over some subtle changes that encapsulate autumn, and those approaching winter months.

There’s nothing quite like curling up in a fluffy blanket when it’s grey and gloomy outside and the rain is coming down. So, if you currently have throws adorning sofas and beds, look to swap those bright and breezy summer textiles out for heavier, chunkier versions, embracing the colour palette you can see all around you in the natural world. Looks to subtle yellows, rich oranges and rusty reds as well as a spectrum of earthy browns. Look at all of your soft furnishings– curtains, cushions, bedspreads, rugs… They are such an easy switch that will immediately transform how you see your home and how you feel in it over the coming months. With removable cushion covers and throws/bedspreads easy to wash and store when they aren’t being used, alternating soft furnishings is a great, cost-effective way to transform your home with the comings and goings of the seasons. 

And let’s not forget displays. From mantlepieces and bookshelves to windowsills and hearths, whether you look at floral, foliage – dried or fresh – or the popular Pinterest pick of pumpkins, squash and gourds, get creative and bring some of that outside opulence in.


Keeping Cosy by the fire

Autumn’s soundtrack is one of the year’s pleasures. From the crunching leaves underfoot to crackling fires and flickering candles, fireworks fizzing and popping, soul-warming laughter as pumpkins are carved and sparklers are lit. If you have a multifuel stove in your Lindum Home, now is the time to wholeheartedly enjoy it. If you don’t, add candles to your fireplace to mimic the feeling – you can even add the sound of fire with the touch of a button thanks to technology! Even if fireworks aren’t your thing, or your pets for that matter, autumn is the season to indulge in the soothing sounds of classical music or jazz, or simply listen to the rain pitter-pattering on the windows.


Living room with coffee table

One of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce that warmth and cosiness we all crave during colder months into your home is to look to natural materials.  Introducing tactile surfaces and textures inspired by Mother Nature will soften up any contemporary edges in your home. Hone in on items that celebrate wooden, stone or marble textures. This is where your Instagram-worthy ‘shelfie’ skills come in. Group items together in odd numbers, 3 or 5 ideally, choose your favourite stone vase, wooden board, and coffee table book, or a ceramic dish, wooden sculpture and marble candle jar. Use these little collections to cover up eye-level plug sockets or things you’d rather keep hidden!


Cake in Autumn

Or rather tastes… there is plenty to chew over this season. When it comes to taste, and in even sense of the word, we all have our individual preferences. For us, the autumn months put stop to going out, with the weather, dropping temperatures and cosy interiors making way for staying in. Dinner parties, hot chocolate and movie nights, baking, slow cookers. Now is the time for it all. Complete your cosy home makeover by turning to your Lindum home kitchen – with all its bells and whistles. While the slow cooker is expertly making the night’s stew for you, get busy with the family, grab the cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin spice – those key scents we mentioned earlier – and get creating some thoroughly seasonal sweet treats. Why not try traditional gingerbread, cinnamon buns or pumpkin cake, for the more adventurous bakers among you? 


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