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Top 3 DIY Ideas For Shaking Up Your New Walls

11 October 2022

When you’re settled into your new Lindum Home, decorating may be one of the furthest things from your mind. After all, one of the joys of buying a newly built home is that the interiors are already so fresh and clean.

That said whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist or somewhere in between, whatever your taste regarding interiors, there will come a time when you feel the itch to switch things up a bit.

Making a mark on those crisp, white walls can seem a little daunting at first, but we encourage our buyers to inject personality into your home once they’ve settled in and become accustomed to how they use each room in turn.

Making a house feel like your home is one of the joys of owning, no matter the age of the house. So, we’ve put together our top three favourite DIY ideas to shake up the walls of your new home, informed by our buyers no less.

We generally advise waiting at least 6 to 9 months before doing any decorating in your new home, so that the house has a chance to settle and dry out.

From picking up a paintbrush to adding a touch of luxe or a contemporary twist, if you feel inclined to add your touch to those expanses of white, give one of these ideas a go.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking bedroom

Opting to add colour to your new Lindum Home is a fantastic way to show off your personality, change the atmosphere of a room or make a space embody a particular feeling. Painting is an incredibly quick and easy way to change your interiors. In just a few hours huge transformations are possible. But, splashing colour around a whole room can seem a little scary, especially for those who aren’t confident introducing colour. And that is where colour blocking comes in.

A DIY project that went viral on social media, like most trends however it is not a new one. A versatile, and more subtle way, to introduce bolder colours into your home, modern colour blocking is a far cry from its 80s counterpart. Today’s approach is effortlessly cool, chic and a pretty economic way to add a little bit of you into your new home.

A great way to highlight particularly special features in your home or bring a stark space alive with minimal effort, look to add colour to alcoves, window recesses, doors and trims or behind key pieces you’ve opted to hang on your walls. Our friends over at Dulux have some fantastic ideas and advice to get you started. But all you really need is a tape measure, frog tape, paint, and your imagination.

Panelling/Wood Cladding

Wood panelling in dining room

Another interior trend that has risen from the ashes looking better than ever, interior panelling and cladding is another cost-effective way to add drama, depth and more of a luxury feel to your rooms.

There are so many options with this one it comes down to your preferences. Ceiling-to-floor cladding with narrow strips of natural wood will give your room a contemporary look; utilising beading to create the illusion of large sunken squares or rectangles will deliver a nod to the Victorian country home aesthetic, and half-wall tongue and groove panelling will bring in Georgian vibes.

No matter the look you would like to create, modern or heritage, there is a panelling solution for you. And the best bit? If you have mastered some basic DIY skills it’s easy to install yourself. You’ll need: your wood of choice – be that beading or MDF lengths, cut to size; a tape measure; pencil; paint, paint brushes and a roller; spirit level; glue; sealant; fillers. The gang over at Lick has a great ‘how-to guide’ on easy wall panelling but plenty of style-specific help is available with a quick Google search.

Removable Wallpaper Feature Walls

Wallpaper in hallway

Scared of committing to altering a wall? We get it. It can feel like you’re taking a big step when you decide to permanently alter something in your new home. What if you don’t like it? What if your family doesn’t? What if you do it wrong? What if you simply change your mind too often and think you’ll dislike the DIY project after a few months? Not to worry – there are solutions for even the indecisive folks out there, the ones who like to shake things up while erring on the side of safety. One of those is removable wallpaper.

This phenomenon has become much more common over recent years with those who rent long-term looking to add personality to their homes without leaving a mark and risking losing their deposit. Transforming a room, and dramatically too, has never been easier. Peel and stick wallpaper as it has become known is as easy as choosing a design, measuring up to ensure your pattern runs smoothly – or in some cases just adding your room size to order the correct amount, peeling the backing off and sticking it down. Et voila!

It is advertised as being non-damaging to walls and clean to remove, just pull up a corner and keep on pulling. From murals to bold patterns, minimalist pastels to glamourous prints, designs are vast and varied and available at every price point too. What’s more, you don’t just have to use them on walls. Testers over at The Guardian tried them out on kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, furniture, floors and ceilings. If you can think it, you can do it – and remove it again too!


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