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Home Inspiration: A Brave New World!

17 September 2021

Announced as Dulux’s 2021 colour of the year, our interior design team reflect on what ‘Brave Ground’ signifies, whilst sharing home and colour inspiration of their own.

We have probably never spent so much time at home than we have in the last 18 months. Kitchens and dining areas have had to become make shift offices, whilst children’s bedrooms have  doubled up as classrooms.

Having spent so much time at home, you may now be thinking about how you can personalise your space for yourself and your family.

A time of change

Each year global interior design specialists and experts reflect on what will be the colour trend for the upcoming year: and what a year 2020 turned out to be. Many commentators in the design world have talked about how home became our new favourite place to be, and how they became warm cocooning spaces of sanctuary in an otherwise uncertain world.

We also developed a new appreciation of the natural world, and outside spaces in an otherwise restricted environment. The main theme was colours from the natural world: greens, earthy shades and hues of blue connecting us back to nature.  Designers wanted to create homes with calming and grounding environments for our recovery and recuperations.

We have put together some snippets of the latest trends in paint colours from a number of manufacturers, with ideas that cater for the preferences of both minimalism or maximalist approaches to interiors.

Dulux had the following view…

“What has emerged from our trend forecast this year is that we’re all reassessing what really matters in our lives.  We’re taking stock and finding a new and positive way forward by having faith in ourselves, working together, building on the past and planning for the future.  It takes courage to embrace change and our homes can help provide a solid and supportive foundation, as well as giving us the scope to be creative.

Dulux colour of the Year for 2021 is Brave Ground – a warm, natural neutral that’s an enabling and stabilizing colour. It’s also a versatile shade that lets other colours shine.  How can you use it to transform your home?  We’ve created four easy-to-use colour palettes, all centred on the Colour of the Year, so you can express yourself in any number of ways and be brave enough to take that first step…”

The Home Office

Home office spaces

Our recommendation for the home office colour palette: combine Dulux Brave Ground with a mix of soft, natural shades to give a relaxed and inviting feel.


Bedroom Inspiration

Alternatively for those who like a little colour in their lives, you can pair Brave Ground with bold pinks and reds from Dulux Expressive palette.

Dining areas

Dining Inspiration

Create a relaxed and informal dining area by pairing Brave Ground with more timeless natural colours. This palette creates a firm foundation for any furnishings – traditional or modern; and works well with artisanal crafts and natural materials. Brave Ground is paired here with Dulux Spiced Honey

Utility & Kitchens

This smoky green blue from Farrow & Ball can add a depth of colour creating warmth to your room, by providing a sense of calm and serenity.  It’s used here in a Utility but works equally as well in any part of your home. Visit the Farrow & Ball website for more inspiration.

Green Smoke No.47 by Farrow & Ball

Show home interiors

At Lindum Homes we understand the importance of adding that personal touch to your new home, and hope that you are able to get some ideas and inspirations from our show home designs which are all carried out in house. Our next show home opens in spring 2022 at Manor Fields in Washingborough, look out for invitations to view nearer the time.

Lindum Homes Redbourne show home

We’re proud to offer great homes in great locations throughout Lincolnshire. With over 50 years of experience as one of Lincolnshire’s leading house builders, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll go the extra mile to find you your perfect home.

View our locations and buyer schemes to make the first steps to finding your new home.

What’s your favourite colour? What decorating have you been doing this year? We’d love to hear what decorating you’ve been up to and what colours you’ve gone for…