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5 Best Things About New Build Homes

2 December 2022

Decisions, decisions…when it comes to navigating the property market every part of your journey will be full of them. From building and buying to décor and maintenance, there are endless choices you will need to make. 

When it comes to the battle of the heavyweights – new build vs old property – your ultimate decision will come down to a very simple determining factor – what you weigh up as being most important to your day-to-day way of life. Be that to your preferred living style, what suits your family, or design. 

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together the headlines when it comes to the top benefits of buying a new build home…


Economy and sustainability are gradually being baked into how we do things at Lindum Homes so that it is part of our very fabric. It’s a vital next step for us given that one in four buyers now lists energy efficiency as a key consideration when buying a home. Research based on Government Energy Performance Certificate data released in October found that buyers of a new build house will save on average around £2,600 a year in energy bills. The report ‘Watt a Save’, published by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), shows that in total last year’s new build purchasers collectively saved more than £500m on annual energy bills. The report also shines a light on the old argument of new-build vs older properties, reporting that new build homes emit a third of the carbon of an older property. The average new home uses approximately 100 kWh per m2 per year compared with older properties which require an average of 259kWh per m2, with the average annual running costs for a new build totalling £1,500 as compared to an average of £3,570 for older properties. 

Shiny and new

Being a newly built and crafted home, when you buy a brand new build, you have the comfort of knowing you are the first owner. No one else has been living there before you. And while, on the emotive side of things, you’ll be the first people within those walls to make memories, on a practical level it also means you won’t have the pressure of a chain of buyers above you. Taking away one of the biggest stresses when buying a home.  

Location, location, location

You’ve bought a new home, you want your visitors to be wowed. First impressions and kerb appeal absolutely count – and we know it – which is why each of our developments is individually designed not only to complement the surrounding area but established homes and streets already in the neighbourhood. Attention to detail is everything to us, from roof tiles to the colour of your front door. We pride ourselves on designing and building homes where people can picture their future, at addresses as desirable as the homes themselves. 


Choosing only the most aspirational locations we now have homes in Washingborough, Saxilby, Heckington, Heighington, Mablethorpe, Lincoln and Navenby, with Hawks Chase coming soon to Welton too.  

Unpack and go


Turnkey properties on the traditional housing market can be hard to find – more often than not you’ll need to chop and change the interiors, even remodel to the extreme to make a house your home. With a new build, having been involved in the design process – hand-selecting your fixtures and fittings – you walk into a home that is ready for you to start afresh. A blank canvas, primed and waiting for you to make your mark, introduce your personality and make it truly your own. 

Design Process

Everyone has different reasons for moving home, and for choosing a new build for that matter. It could be your first step on the property ladder. It could be your dream family home with space and storage to suit a growing brood. It could be the downsizing property you’ve been searching for. It could be your forever home. Not only are our homes built to suit all kinds of families – from 2 to 5 bedrooms – but they are designed to do so too. 

Whether you’re looking to move into an apartment, townhouse, semi or detached property, every Lindum Home will have well-planned internal living spaces benefiting from high-quality finishes and specifications. And, when you choose a new build home, while your property is being expertly crafted you get to make so many of those all-important décor choices in real-time, during the build phase. We ensure there is a wide choice of contemporary or traditional design choices to personalise your home, from kitchen units through to wall tiling and floor finishes, all helping to create your dream home. So, no matter how you prefer your home to look, you get to be involved every step of the way. 


We’re proud to offer great homes in great locations throughout Lincolnshire. With over 50 years of experience as one of Lincolnshire’s leading house builders, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll go the extra mile to find you your perfect home.

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